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The German team’s base camp for the World Cup in Brazil is located about two hours’ drive from Brazil’s Porto Seguro. During the World Cup, the team was preparing for the game in this quiet, seaside place. The day before Mertesacker ushered in the most important game of his life, he was called to a room in the base camp and was told that he would not be placed in the starting lineup.


The national team coach Loew explained very calmly that he planned to make some adjustments after the quarter-finals against France. Although Mertesacker is the most experienced player in the team, and even though he played every minute of his previous journey in this World Cup, Loew still hopes to make such a decision. Boateng will move to the middle and Ram will return to his familiar right back position.


Mertesacker has always been considered a reasonable and gentle player, and he is also the kind of very smart player Loew expects. The German central defender also admitted that he was a little selfish.


From an outside perspective, Bayern’s performance since Flick took over the team after Kovac’s departure in November last year is simply miraculous; of course, the performance of leading the team to defeat Barcelona 8-2 also reflects the team’s positive performance. Sheng's status is closely related to his coaching.


When Frick just took over the coach, many people thought that he was just a passerby temporarily acting as the coach. As a player, Frick played for Bayern in the 1980s. According to former teammate Olaf Ton, Frick was an aggressive and tough midfielder. Therefore, it is not difficult to see how well he and Kahn, who will be the CEO of the new club, understand the culture of the Bayern club.

当弗里克刚刚接任教练时,许多人认为他只是一个暂时担任教练的路人。作为一名球员,弗里克在1980年代效力于拜仁。根据前队友奥拉夫·托恩(Olaf Ton)的说法,弗里克是一位进取而坚强的中场球员。因此,不难看出他和将成为新俱乐部首席执行官的卡恩对拜仁俱乐部文化的理解程度如何。

After retiring, Frick has accumulated a lot of experience over the years, and he has a good reputation under an impressive resume, especially in the eight years of the German team as Loew's assistant. Of course, part of the purpose of Bayern's recruitment in the summer of 2019 was also the club's sense that once Kovac left the team, Frick was able to step onto the front desk.


However, this was not a long-term plan at first. When he returned to Bayern, Flick was 54 years old and had not served as the coach of a team for 14 years. Even at the time, his coaching experience as a coach was only limited to the lower leagues: In 2005, Frick left the team because he failed to lead Hoffenheim to the Bundesliga and he has not served as a head coach since then. .

但是,起初这不是一个长期计划。当他回到拜仁时,弗里克(Flick)今年54岁,已经14年没有担任球队教练了。即使在当时,他作为教练的执教经历也仅限于较低级别的联赛:2005年,弗里克因未能带领霍芬海姆进入德甲而离开了球队,从那时起他就不再担任主教练。 。

When Frick was appointed as Loew's assistant, Mertesacker admitted that the players were full of doubts. "I have to say, everyone feels hesitant. Of course he was also a professional player, but you will also be waiting to see what he can bring us." And when Bayern appoints him as coach, there is a similar internal situation. With reservations, Frick seems to be just walking through the scene, not the one who really led Bayern forward.

当弗里克被任命为洛伊的助手时,梅特萨克承认球员们充满了怀疑。 “我不得不说,每个人都在犹豫。当然他也是一名职业球员,但是您也将拭目以待,看看他能给我们带来什么。”当拜仁任命他为教练时,内部情况也类似。有了保留,弗里克似乎只是在现场漫步,而不是真正带领拜仁前进的那个人。

However, in just a few weeks, this Bayern team proved with performance and results that they no longer need to worry about Pochettino's salary and whether Nagelsmann is willing to leave Leipzig. Towards the end of this season, Frick brought Bayern a rejuvenated team, and even set a record of wins that Guashuai could not match that year-the team scored 30 wins in 33 games. , And won the Bundesliga and the German Cup.

但是,在短短几周内,这支拜仁团队的表现和结果证明,他们不再需要担心波切蒂诺的薪水以及内格尔斯曼是否愿意离开莱比锡。在本赛季快要结束时,弗里克(Frick)带给了拜仁一个充满活力的球队,甚至刷新了瓜斯怀当年无法取得的胜利纪录-球队在33场比赛中取得了30胜。 ,并赢得了德甲联赛和德国杯。

When Frick took over the team, Bayern seemed to no longer be competitive in the European Championship. However, Frick’s Southern Star presents a jaw-dropping performance. The team’s performance is extremely dominant and destructive, and may even lead to the end of an era in Barcelona. And such a transformation is undoubtedly clear and remarkable.

当弗里克(Frick)接管球队时,拜仁在欧洲冠军联赛中似乎不再具有竞争力。但是,弗里克(Frick)的《南方之星》(Southern Star)表现令人jaw目结舌。车队的表现极为支配和破坏性,甚至可能导致巴塞罗那时代的终结。无疑,这种转变是显而易见的。

Of course, for his former teammate Ton and Mertesacker who had worked with him as a player, this is not something that surprised them. In their view, there are no secrets, no mysteries, and no revolutionary and subversive tactical changes in the changes Flick brought to Bayern.


On that day in 2014, when Mertesacker was struggling with disappointment, Flick calmed him and eased his doubts. The then German assistant coach told him that the situation might happen again in the semifinals. change. In the process of communication, Flick said that benefiting the team is the most important. "He is a very good communicator," Mertesacker said.


Friedrich, who represented the German team in the 2008 European Cup and the 2010 World Cup, had a similar experience. "He is very open, very candid, and even discussing some key issues," said Friedrich, who is now the sports director of Hertha Berlin. "He spends a lot of time with the players. It's not just the kind of'work, work, work'. He makes everyone feel very trustworthy. And this is the most important trait a coach can have."

代表德国队参加2008年欧洲杯和2010年世界杯的弗里德里希也有类似的经历。现任柏林赫塔体育总监的弗里德里希说:“他非常开放,坦率,甚至在讨论一些关键问题。” “他在球员身上花费了大量时间。这不仅是'工作,工作,工作'。他使每个人都感到非常值得信赖。这是教练可以拥有的最重要的特征。”

Kahn, who is now a member of the Bayern board of directors, summed it up more concisely. "He always knows what to say to the players, especially in difficult times," he said. "He knows how to dispatch the players."

现在担任拜仁董事会成员的卡恩(Kahn)对其进行了更为简洁的总结。他说:“他总是知道要对球员说些什么,尤其是在困难时期。” “他知道如何派遣球员。”

Perhaps in a club like Bayern, this is the most important skill a coach should possess. Bayern's team has many well-known and well-paid stars. Although the club is also dubbed "Green Hollywood", they are no longer the team that is constantly turbulent and brewing mutiny, but as the coach of Bayern, a large part of his work is still related to the management of the dressing room politics.


And this is exactly what Frick is good at. Mertesacker said that Frick not only built a bond between players, coaching staff and other team staff, but also played a key role in helping the team build team spirit and ultimately winning the World Cup. The former Germany international said that with Frick's connection, everyone can get the information they need.


"In my opinion, he told Loew to praise the substitute players," he said. "You are not praising the starting players. You are praising the players who haven't played and have been training hard all week to create a good atmosphere for the team."

他说:“我认为,他告诉洛伊赞扬替补球员。” “您没有在称赞开始的球员。您是在称赞那些整周没有参加比赛并且一直在努力为球队创造良好氛围的球员。”

Friedrich saw the shadow of Heynckes in Flick's way of doing things, and the Haishuai is the only coach in Bayern history to win the league, cup and the Champions League. "In general, Heynckes can establish a good team chemistry within the team," he said. "You have never seen a player complaining on the bench. In my opinion, Flick is similar."

弗里德里希(Friedrich)在弗里克(Flick)的做事方式中看到了海因克斯的影子,而海帅是拜仁历史上唯一赢得联赛,杯赛和冠军联赛的教练。他说:“总的来说,海因克斯可以在团队内部建立良好的团队合作精神。” “你从来没有见过一个球员在替补席上抱怨。在我看亚愽电竞app来,弗里克是相似的。”

To a certain extent, the good state of the team may also be related to Frick's good relationship with many of his players. "He knew Neuer and Mueller when he was in the national team," Kahn said. Players such as Kimmich and Gnabry also had a good relationship when Frick was the technical director of the German Football Association. It can be said that he has a rapid start in building bridges with players.

亚愽电竞app在一定程度上,球队的良好状态也可能与弗里克与许多球员的良好关系有关。卡恩说:“他在国家队的时候就认识了诺伊尔和穆勒。”弗里克(Frick)是德国足球协会(German Football Association)的技术总监时,金米奇(Kimmich)和纳纳布里(Gnabry)等球员也有很好的关系。可以说,他在与玩家建立桥梁方面起步很快。

Of course, this is not to say that Flick has not adjusted Bayern's style. Kovac's coaching style is passive: In training classes, he always lets a group of talented players to train defense, so that the team is filled with frustration.


The club believes very much that the Lisbon night that defeated Barcelona has not yet demonstrated a truly high-level Bayern. For those who always like to give their own opinions, Flick's coaching career seems a bit too flat. He has been out of the spotlight for a long time, just as an assistant coach or technical director. Mertesacker is also one of them, he has never felt that Flick is interested in being the protagonist before.


"Bayern has such strength," he said. "They will win the Champions League and he will be regarded as a great coach by everyone."

他说:“拜仁拥有如此强大的实力。” “他们将赢得冠军联赛,每个人都将他视为伟大的教练。”

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